Opinions of members

A short summary about the problem, the solution and why we chose the problem.

Lee Si Yuan:
The problem that we are intending to solve is the lack of Chinese courtesy in China. This problem is more towards the businessmen side as they are the ones who are most likely to be affected if they do not have courtesy.
We chose this problem as we believe that a lot of businessmen especially from the western side do not know the some of the courtesy and history of china and might offend them unknowingly. Another reason why we chose it is because for businessmen, the consequences of offending your boss is devastating, it might just end your entire career in China. Having to know the history and courtesy of china is something not only businessmen, but anyone in the world should know about it.
Our proposed solution is to create a blog which is something like a “book” which helps the businessmen to “behave” properly and not offend anyone especially business partners of their bosses.

Niklaus Teo Kuo Sien:
The problem that we have identified is actually the awareness of Chinese culture to other people in maybe different countries or even the Chinese people so that they will understand all the reasons behind the culture. Now we chose this as we realised that one, China’s economy is currently booming and the middle class of china is increasing rapidly due to the increase in jobs and also the big economy therefore many businesses would want to have partners in China to either help distribute or manufacture their products to gain advantage from the high economy that have high demands. Given this condition, if for example a US Businessman wants to negotiate a deal in China with a China businessman. Knowing their culture and the way they do things would be a considerable advantage in getting the deal, therefore the knowledge is something we want to be able to spread to people. This not only applies to businessman but also people migrating to a Chinese-based country or some tourist that are interested in Chinese culture

There will be 2 parts in spreading this knowledge. The first would be to find out what is the most common and most used cultures so that the knowledge would appeal to more people. After that, you would have to co late the information and spread the knowledge. Now that could be done is many different ways like books or blogs or even a forum page and so on.

Stacey Yip Yi Zhen:
The problem that we are trying to solve is the lack of awareness of the Chinese culture. Either businessman or people that are migrating to China are not really understanding the Chinese culture. And some people just follow through the culture without really understanding why.

As China is becoming one of the “player” countries, businessman would want to take this opportunity to start their businesses. But occasionally they will get too focused on starting their businesses and making it work that they neglected knowing the culture of the people in that area and gaining trust from the workers they will sooner or later employ. The negligence of this point might be the downfall of their businesses, thus we decided our target audience to be the businessman. Some Chinese would rather you not learn their language and keep the barrier between east and west. Thus, it would be better if you tried to learn more about them and let them feel that they – foreigners – are good and trustworthy people.

My proposed solution is a consultation system in which successful companies in China share what they did to become so accomplished in setting up their businesses.

Davina Ling Li Xin:
Not only courtesy, but to let the businessmen know the customs of China so that they do not offend the Chinese? History is also needed so questions that might “insult” the other side will not be asked. China’s industry is growing and is rising as a business power. Surely many businessmen will have to go to China or meet Chinese businessmen.

For the best of both sides, the westerners do have to accept the growing power and do need to learn the different culture so business will not be affected. I am sure the Chinese would be glad that the “outside” people do understand them and would try understanding the other party too. Tolerance and advantages between both parties will increase as “peace” is tolerating others.

If big businesses from the Western side and China have quarrels, the markets would not only be affected, the political side would too be affected. Once it reaches that stage there is not much hope of turning back to be “friends” again. Because these westerners will have a stereotype of the Chinese business man and vice versa.

Michelle Anne Therese Dizon Dapito:
The main problem we are trying to solve here is the Chinese culture not being practiced by the foreigners going in to China to do business, which I think is a very critical thing. China has been a country where people go in and out to do a lot of business. Therefore, we chose this topic to let other people from around the world, more specifically, our target audience, the businessmen, about the culture, history and traditions in China so that they would not unknowingly insult the people in China, without knowing the consequences.

It is also to create good friendship between the two different races. One wrong move by the Westerners can lead to bad relationship between the two, creating chaos, leading to the downfall of their business. It will also affect many other people, example, people working in the business, leading to many people being affected, due to one wrong move, just because they did not know what they were supposed to know even before entering China. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we want to let them know what they CAN do and what the CANNOT do in China.

Jeremy Looi Wei Chern:
The main problem we are trying to solve is the lack of Chinese cultural understanding in businessman who decided to work in China or set up their own business there as now China is becoming a economically booming country thus businessman would want to grab this opportunity of earning much more when they can in China. This is very important for these businessman to know and can actually affect their business in China and also the businessman who deal with China businessman overseas if they do not understand them. They must be able to understand how they feel and the way they react to the actions that they do when interacting with either Chinese customers or colleagues, as they might insult them unknowingly which would cause great dispute or the fall of their business, in order to keep their business going smoothly. Our final product could be in terms of an application in the Apple App Store or basically an eBook as nowadays the use of technology are used mostly during business and for cost efficiency, we would just use a blog instead where all the information could be found throughout the blog and even categorised in different pages. Technology is just the way to go now in the business line thus we could tap on these platforms.

This would actually help to maintain good relationship between the Chinese people and these businessman as once conflicts occur, it would affect the whole company, including the workers, the clients and also the suppliers of this company. This would also affect the political relationships between China and other countries. Wheres, if these businessman understand the Chinese culture, they would be warmly accepted to do their business in China and can have trust with these businessman as the Chinese people want to only interact with people that understand them and thus, be able to be courteous towards them.

The main content of this problem is to help businessman to be able to understand the Chinese culture well to work well in China and to be prepared of the DOs and DONTs before going to start their own business there.

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