Chinese Etiquette Quiz

Chinese Etiquettes

Chinese Etiquettes

Start this quiz after you have read through the "Chinese Etiquette" page.

  1. What gifts are associated with funerals and death?

  2. Clocks, handkerchiefs or straw sandals
    Scissors, knives or other cutting utensils
    Chopsticks or Bowls
    Books, Clothes or Stationary

  3. How should you hold the bowl when you eat?

  4. From the table
    Close to your mouth
    Slightly away from your mouth
    Stick to your mouth

  5. Who offers the first toast?

  6. Host

  7. Why is the number "4" considered as unlucky?

  8. Fortune tellers long ago predicted that it is an unlucky number.
    It is the name of their devil.
    The day that they believe the world would end.
    It sounds like death in the Chinese language.

  9. Who eats the last piece on the serving tray?

  10. Anyone
    The host
    The guest
    No one

  11. What colour should you not wrap a present in?

  12. Black, white, blue
    Green, yellow, red
    Purple, brown, pink
    Gold, silver, bronze

  13. What should you do when you enter a Chinese's man house?

  14. Holler a loud greeting to the host's
    Clap your hands 3 times
    Remove your shoes
    Just walk in

  15. What should you do even though you dislike the food?

  16. Turn it down firmly
    Continue to pretend to eat heartily
    Push the food to someone else
    Act like you have a stomach ache

  17. What do the Chinese do to show that they enjoy their food?

  18. Eat quietly
    Bang the chopsticks on the table
    Make slurping or belching sounds
    They lick their bowl

  19. Where should bones be placed when eating?

  20. In your own bowl
    On the table or in a special bowl for that purpose
    On the floor
    The edge of the plate

If you scored 5 and below, you might want to re-read our blog again.